Attempts to stop downloadable guns fails.

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Attorney Generals from Second Amendment battleground states across the Nation made an attempt to stop Codey Willson the founder on the single shot 3D Printed Gun from uploading and sharing any 3D-CAD files to his website for public consumption or by blocking IP Addresses of residents in states like PA, CA and NJ from gaining access to the website.

Cody Willson filed suit in 2015 and won a lawsuit against the Department of State, giving him the right to share his 3D plans online.

The settlement, which was signed in April but only took effect in late June, says that the DEFCAD files in question are “approved for public release (unlimited distribution) in any form and are exempt from the export licensing requirements of the [International Traffic in Arms Regulations].”

The State Department has also agreed to pay Defense Distributed’s legal fees, which total nearly $40,000.

After the news broke of his win, a number of Attorney Generals in not so firearm friendly states filed suit against Cody attempting to stop the upload and distribution of any CAD file. A federal judge has blocked the public availability of blueprints that provide instructions for making 3D Printed Guns, just hours before the documents were expected to be published online.



But, here is what these Attorney Generals fail to grasp, the cat is out the bag. These files where downloaded millions of times before the Justice Department stopped the distribution of the files back in 2015. When NJ and PA residents heard what these Attorney Generals were doing, some First and Second Advocates started redistributing the files on Facebook and Twitter, circumventing any judgment. In the video shown above you can see one user accessing the Defense Distributed wedsite, which has been blocked in his state NJ via a VPN.


Image of downloaded CAD files


Sources close to Patriots1776 shared these images of the CAD files being privately shared on social media.


Files being shared on Social Media

“This is a huge free speech case,” said Mr. Blackman, who vowed to continue fighting the efforts to preve.

Mr. Wilson expressed disappointment on Tuesday evening after the ruling by the judge in Washington State.

“The law is clear,” Mr. Wilson said. “These plaintiffs just don’t have standing to challenge the settlement. You can’t unclose a federally closed matter. And I consider the matter to be closed.”


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