Did Ted Cruz Blunder This Tweet?

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Ted Cruz fired off a tweet to support a claim he made in the SMU Debate which was held Friday, Sept, 21st. A claim of Beto being Anti-Police. In the video Cruz posted, Beto can be seen speaking at what appears to be a Town Hall Event. Beto is seen arguing the injustice in the Botham shooting.

A shooting that left on black man dead in his apartment by the hands of a white female Police officer, who mistook Botham’s apartment for hers and shot him several time.

Beto also pointed out what he thought was a disparaging amount of racial injustice from white police in the black community.

If Cruz was looking to curry favour with voters on Twitter it had the opposite effect. Twitter users quickly started pushing back by saying they agreed with Beto’s assessment of the Botham’s case.



Only time will tell what damage this tweet has done to the Cruz campaign if any. At the time of publishing this article the video tweet had over 7.2 million views.

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