School Safety Hearing, We Don’t Have Time To Become Trained Armed Guards

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Ringgold, GA School district teachers won’t be carrying firearms in the coming school year, during the committee meeting the word gun came up only three times said Hope Mays a Moms Demand Action anti-gun activist.

During a school safety study committee hearing, advocates said Friday morning that school employees should be prepared to use a tourniquet, apply pressure to a wound and pack a wound; to provide mental health resources to students, to keep their building’s main entrance secure; to run from a shooter, to hide from a shooter and, if needed, to desperately attack a shooter.


A teacher at that forum said he and his colleagues don’t have time to become trained armed guards for their students. To cheers, Sandy Springs Police Chief Ken DeSimone said discussing school safety without talking about gun laws is “like talking about the Civil War and not talking about slavery.”



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